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Done by hand with a craft blade, this beautiful wall decor is cut to precision.

The cost of each paper cut varies depending on size and detail. Approximately,

4×6 ($20-$50)
8×10 ($50-$90)

**Every cut is customizable! You can message me with names, quotes, or pictures. Then, you can provide other details you may want in the cut— like architecture, flowers, people, animals, interests, etc.

Just message me and I can work with you in whatever custom wall hanging you’d like.

**This piece SHIPS UNFRAMED.

Below are some links where you can get the best frames. Your paper cut measures 8×10 inches. It looks especially beautiful in a floating frame.

The piece comes in a clear sleeve with cardboard support. It also comes with sticky glue dots. The sticky glue dots can be used in floating frames.

If the cut is mishandled during shipment, unsatisfactory, or lost, I will provide full refund.

Floating frames:×10-woof-float-frame-white/12531448.html



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Hello! I am a paper-cut artist living in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina. I graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in “Education and Behavioral Science.” While there, I engaged a lot of my time with the foreign exchange students from China. The culture intrigued me and I became fascinated with paper art. My artistic abilities were put to work as I sketched and intricately cut paper with an x-acto blade. Like snowflakes, no paper-cut is the same! Since 2013, I have continued my love for cutting paper!

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If your order is unsatisfactory or gets lost in shipment, I will provide full refunds.

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