Feel Like You Just Want to Scream? Use Comfort Beads™ to Quiet Your Nerves


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Gold and Blue Fire Glass Beads and Bronze Pearl Glass Beads with Silver Tone Green and White Sparkly Whale Charm Comfort Beads™

Comfort Beads™ are handmade with your special needs in mind. Basing our Comfort Beads™ design on months and months of research, we created a product that can work for you without additional pills, prescriptions, or gimmicks, because Comfort Beads™ simply work based on Science.

No matter your special needs or wants: Anxiety or Stress Relief, Calming Negative Emotions, Breaking Bad Habits and Cravings, Meditation Assistance, Prayer or Worry Beads, Comfort Beads™ can help you feel better fast when you simply play with them; running them through your fingers, forward and back, playing with the beads, so the brain relaxes and zeros in on the tactile sensation of the Comfort Beads™ in your hand. Your mind relaxes, then your body relaxes, and before you know it, you are feeling so much better, and you deserve that!

We make them beautiful so they are visually appealing and you can take them anywhere at any time. We make them with several levels of tactile sensation so there is sure to be a set that works for you. You are going to love the way they make you feel, and you are going to love how fast that calming feeling happens! We guarantee it!

Comfort Beads™ come with our full support. If you are having difficulty using them, just message us here at the store. We will help you get acquainted with them. If at any time they need repair, send them back to us, we will fix the issue and send them right back to you! We do what we do so you can feel better and that includes our full support!

Other little perks include: free shipping within the United States, a beautiful free pouch to carry them in, free instructions, and of course, the calming respite that comes with using our beautiful Comfort Beads™ because you’re worth it!


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Comfort Beads™ — We Do What We Do So You Can Feel Better!
— What Are They? —
Remember when the kids were using ‘fidget spinners’ to help them cope with anxiety? Comfort Beads™ are the Adult version; you fidget with them, running them through your fingers. The brain then focuses on the tactile sensation experienced by your fingers rather than the anxiety, stress, or other unwanted emotions you are feeling.
How Do They Work? —
Research shows your brain prefers to focus on things right in front of you. It is less effort. If you are focused on a negative emotion, then, allowing yourself to be distracted is like stopping pain and you get to enjoy moments of relief and mild pleasure. Comfort Beads™ help you block those distressing emotions and in doing so, they provide much needed relief for you and your overworked brain.

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