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MyEBooth supports artists, crafters, and makers in the USA by providing an online platform where they can sell their handmade items.

At MyEBooth, our vendors keep 100% of the profit from their sales so when you buy a product on our site, you are helping an artist, crafter, or maker to grow their small business.

We have over 2,000 products to choose from and are growing every day.

Artist Spotlight


Rachele Wims (aka Shelly)

I consider my life like an unfinished book with chapters written and chapters to be written. For most of my working life, I have always worked in the Corporate America environment. As a young woman, I enjoyed the opportunities to earn my own money and help my family financially in the hometown I grew up in. I was always taught that through hard work would come success. I learned over the years that success is on-going. As such I would need to keep challenging myself. When I married and had a family, challenge presented it self again as my husband and I were faced with more financial responsibilities… another new chapter in my life.

Then I lost my job. It took awhile to find employment, but I did!  Things were going good in my new job for quite a few years – then I lost my job, again. I looked at this new chapter as an opportunity to focus on what values I had and really enjoyed. Over the past summer and with the upcoming Christmas holidays approaching, I wanted to do something for my family and friends especially those who were supportive of me during this difficult time.

And then it hit me… hats and scarfs for everyone!

I dusted off my old knitting needles and purchased a few skeins of yarn and went to work. The response was wonderful. At that moment I knew what my next chapter would be – sharing my love of knitting with others.

Over the next few months, my crafting journey has expanded to include hair accessories and jewelry accessories. My main focus has always been to create quality not quantity products. My crafting journey is a like a winding road - I may not know what awaits me around the corner, but I am excited about the possibilities.


Manal Amin

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck earlier in 2020, millions of people across the globe suddenly found themselves stuck at home. And with social-distancing mandates in place, many have taken up new hobbies and I am one of them! However, my new pandemic-era hobby was an unexpected surprise; it all started with an attempt to rearrange the stones in a necklace a friend made for me; the rest is history! I found a creative outlet in jewelry design; it connects me with the energy of each color and allows me to express myself without words! I founded Espressivo in 2020 as a platform to showcase and sell quality handmade jewelry inspired by nature and ancient cultures.

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